Copertina Curriculum Storia E Conservazione Del Patrimonio Costurito

The curriculum in “ART, ARCHEOLOGY, HISTORY, RESTORATION” brings together historians, art historians, restoration historians, and archaeologists. The approach to art-historical disciplines is mostly focused on the study of the formal qualities and meaning of artistic materials as well as the understanding of artworks as “visual documents” for historical investigation, with particular reference to the Early Modern and Contemporary periods. By virtue of the specific expertise in the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage of the participating institutions (universities and AFAM), the research program places emphasis on the technical and conservation aspects of both artworks and library materials, manuscripts, photographs, and digital media. 

The approach to archaeological disciplines is primarily characterized by the application of innovative technologies in the management and research of archaeological heritage and epigraphic documentary material. Regarding the ancient history field, particular attention is given to the experimentation of technologies aimed at the acquisition and 3D modeling of casts of Greek and Latin epigraphs.

The participation of Fine Arts Academies in the PhD Program allows for special focus on the material and technological aspects of artifacts and artworks, with particular reference to painting and graphic techniques (such as etching, engraving, etc.).

The aim of this curriculum is to train professionals in research, management, conservation, and protection within the field of archaeological and art-historical heritage in Italian and foreign public and private institutions (e.g., local authorities, cultural and/or research institutes, soprintendenze and central institutes of the MiC, cooperatives, foundations, museums, public administrations, Italian and foreign research centers, as well as companies).

The teaching activities regarding the present curriculum include: seminars, lectures, and lab activities; particular emphasis is placed on study and research initiatives focusing on the theoretical aspects of the various disciplines involved, the analysis and interpretation of sources, as well as methods and procedures for conducting field research.

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