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The “NEW MEDIA FOR COMMUNICATION AND ENHANCEMENT OF ARTISTIC HERITAGE” curriculum enriches the PhD Program with a further field of research, i.e. the use of new media applied to communication, enhancement, preservation, and artistic heritage appreciation, in synergy with public and private museums as well as sites of art-historical relevance; particularly. The Academies of Fine Arts involved in this aspect of the program are those of Rome and Florence.

The curriculum for this program encompasses multimedia production techniques (video, photography, animation, installation, expanded reality); communication techniques and art dissemination and appreciation; methods of historical documentation, materials and artistic techniques; cultural contexts and the history of ideas; art didactics workshops also for lifelong learning; graphic design and web design for exhibition and museography systems.

The curriculum’s objective is to provide adequate theoretical, methodological, and technical tools to conduct research in the field of digital, interactive, and multimedia languages applied to the communication and enhancement of artistic heritage. The goal is to enable doctoral students to achieve the highest levels of multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge and mastery of advanced technologies, while fostering the ability to create innovative products in the visual arts, video, animation, photography, multimedia storytelling, and interactive installations used in the communication, promotion, and enhancement of artistic heritage.

Doctoral students shall be trained to assume roles that require high specialization in the use of new technologies applied to communication and the enhancement of artistic heritage. These roles can be found in local and regional institutions, such as the soprintendenze, museums, libraries, archives, and film archives, as well as in foundations, public or private companies and firms, associations, and cultural institutions in the field of research, management, and fruition of artistic production. Additionally, the program will direct the student toward opportunities in the publishing, trade, and communication sectors aimed at promoting artistic heritage.

The educational program of the present curriculum encompasses seminars, frontal lectures, lab activities, and study and research initiatives focusing on the theoretical aspects of various relevant disciplines, analysis, and interpretation of sources, as well as methods and procedures for field research.

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