Giovanni Battista Di Teodoro

Art, Archeology, History, Restoration

The research project of PhD student Giovanni Battista Di Teodoro aims to investigate the study of the criminal justice system and legal culture in eighteenth-century Rome. In particular, Di Teodoro seeks to provide a comprehensive historical overview of the various Roman trials, with the foremost being the Tribunale Criminale del Governatore, the most important judiciary of that era, which has an entire collection preserved at the Archivio di Stato of Rome, rich in completely unpublished material. The purpose is to inventory and catalogue the discovered documents using a cataloguing software such as Erasmo Museum, following the ICCD standard for fully web-based museum and archive catalogs. This software also offers the possibility of accessing services and resources through the unified platform for digital resources of museums, archives, and libraries. Additionally, it complies with the E BIBLIOW standard, which respects the ISBN standard and enables the participatory management of national library systems. Indeed, all of this will be made available to the archive itself, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture. The ultimate goal of the research is to enhance, promote, safeguard, and protect public archival assets, and to highlight them through a systematic analysis and cataloguing work.

Home University/Afam

Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”

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